Customer Charter

Invicta Law places the customer at the heart of its business.

We ask ourselves a fundamental question: “what do our customers expect or demand from the services we offer?”

None of us can be sure how we are performing without consultation and feedback from our clients. Our standards demand that we listen, act and deliver. 

We offer choice to our customers so that a wide range of needs are catered for. The benefits of new technology are maximised. Customers have a say in the design and delivery of their services and are consulted on where choices can be made.

This is more about achieving a change of culture than winning a trophy – and we insist that change and improvement must be ongoing.

Complaints, compliments and suggestions from our customers and our people all help to improve the service. The client is the final inspector and we never forget that you have a choice.

Above all else we are striving to deliver innovative solutions to an ever more demanding and complex public sector, that:

  • achieves value for money
  • delivers absolute customer satisfaction
  • offers choice to the client
  • promotes continuous improvement and
  • frees the front line.

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