Adult social welfare law can be challenging and it’s vital that you have the support of legal experts that know the process as well as they know the law itself. Our Adult Social Welfare Team has exactly that expertise and will work hand-in-hand to help you achieve the best outcome.

  • Court of Protection applications
  • Mental capacity assessments and best interests decisions under the Mental Capacity Act 2005: from straightforward applications for the appointment of a financial deputy to complex welfare decisions involving multiple parties
  • Deprivation of liberty cases: defending s21A challenges to a DOLS authorisation in a care home or hospital; applying to the Court of Protection for authorisation under the Re X procedure to deprive a person of their liberty in a different setting
  • Mental Health Act 1983: working closely with Approved Mental Health Professionals on various matters, including detention for assessment or treatment, removal to a place of safety, guardianship, after care, and applications to the county court to displace and appoint a nearest relative
  • Ordinary residence disputes: submissions to the Secretary of State for a determination; negotiating reimbursement from one local authority to another
  • Community care issues: financial assessments, care home fees, housing duties owed by councils, people with no recourse to public funds, transition, safeguarding and disclosure
  • Inquests
  • Judicial Review

We believe that greater knowledge of the law empowers you in your job and allows you to focus on the areas where you can have greatest impact and make a difference to the lives of the people you serve. That’s why we produce quarterly legal updates for our clients, and design and deliver training on topics such as court skills, housing and social care, Care Act 2014 and nearest relatives under the Mental Health Act 1983.


Areas of expertise

  • Mental Capacity
  • Deprivation of liberty
  • Mental health
  • Ordinary residence
  • Community care
  • Coroners' Inquests
  • Adult safeguarding

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